Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Weekend!

This weekend is gonna be BIG!  Mark your calendars for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, July 10 - The Freeze Pop Giveaway!  Yeah, we went ahead and bought and froze 5000 Flavor-Ice pops and we want to give every last one of them away!  Our team will be outside the Cinemark Theater from noon - 8pm giving away as many pops as we can to whoever wants one.  Just because.  Hope to see you there.

Sunday, July 10 - It's Freedom Valley Church's next monthly service!  We start at 10am at the Cinemark.   Our momentum and our crowds are growing.  I hope you'll come be part of an exciting movement to reach people who have given up on church here in Tulsa!  I will be teaching Part 4 of the Primal Series.  You can see a very short explanation here on our website.  I will also be introducing you to Brandon.  He's thirteen years old and is actually saving lives in the Dominican Republic by purchasing water filters for people who don't have clean water to drink.  You can see his story here and meet him in person this Sunday at Freedom Valley.  See you this weekend at the Cinemark on 71st and 169.  It's gonna be great!

Jason Fitch - Lead Pastor

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