Saturday, January 30, 2010

citychurch is having their grand opening in Tulsa tomorrow! Will you join me in praying for them? And if you're looking for a church in the Tulsa area, check out citychurch.

Jason Fitch - Lead Pastor

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wrestling with options

There seems to be an unwritten rule in America. The more options you have, the better. I disagree. I can hardly even process more than 3 at a time. I'm processing some options right now with some great input from our leadership team.

Name. Is it important to have the term "church" in your name? There are some studies and other opinion-driven writings that suggest it is. Last year when we settled on the name "Freedom Valley Tulsa", I was a little concerned that it did not adequately identify who we are. Well, I'm still concerned about that and we are strongly considering a small tweak and changing over to "Freedom Valley Church".

Location. It's down to three; Cinemark Theater, Union Intermediate High, and Union 6th and 7th grade center. The theater just made a huge prices concession, so the prices are all very similar. We have asked the theater management to let us stay in a bit later than they originally proposed. If they go for it, I think the theater will be our home. If they don't, I think we'll be in a school.

Decisions coming soon. Check back often. I'd deeply appreciate your prayers on both fronts. By the way, I'm praying that the theater does work out as our location.

Jason Fitch - Lead Pastor

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

great new stuff!

There are so many new things happening . . . I'll highlight a few:

  • Sara and I just got back into town after spending a few days in the Atlanta area being assessed by a team from ARC. We got word from them this morning that they would like our church to become an ARC church. That means that significant funding, great coaching, training and networking resources are all available to us.
  • Our team has been praying and fasting together for direction from God on the location for your church. In just the last few days, a new school (much newer and nicer than the others) has opened up. We hope to tour it on Friday if the weather holds. In the meantime, some new possibilities with the movie theater have opened up. Very exciting stuff!
  • We have two information nights planned out in Tulsa. On Feb 3 we will be at Fresh Roast Coffee on 81st and Harvard and on March 16 we will be at Panera Bread at 71st and Garnett. Both are at 7pm. We hope and pray to meet some new Tulsans who would like to help us start the church up this year!
Jason Fitch - Lead Pastor

Friday, January 22, 2010

final office space update

Our office space is just about complete. You can see the final video update here.

New Location Possibilities

On Wednesday morning Daniel St. Armand and I toured two local schools - Union Intermediate High and McAuliffe Elementary. Surprisingly enough, we are very interested in both, especially the elementary school. It looks like the elementary is where we can do the most excellent ministry to kids and young families and that is really important to us.

But we really need your prayers. I've set February 7 as the date we are going to decide on our location. We have invite cards all designed and ready. All they are waiting for is a location to name on the card and we're ready send them to print. Will you pray with me that God will show us which location is the right one for Freedom Valley Tulsa to begin at?

Jason Fitch - Lead Pastor

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Update

Last week was a great one. We had the Allder family in town working on housing and employment for their upcoming move. They flew back yesterday, but the whole family will be here for good by the middle of February.

Our office space is nearly finished and is about 80% functional. We had a fantastic staff meeting yesterday and 3 more planning meetings this morning. I just uploaded a video update showing the evolution of the office. You can look at it here. I will upload one more later this week. That will be the final one because we will be finished!

Sara and I will be driving (yes, driving - to save our precious $ we have for starting this church) to Atlanta, GA this Sunday to do our church planting assessment with ARC. I would love to affiliate with ARC. I feel like I think like those guys do. So, I would love your prayers that we would assess favorably.

Jason Fitch - lead pastor

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

video update

Here's a video update on our office space project. It's changed pretty drastically even since we did this one, but enjoy it anyway.

Jason Fitch - Lead Pastor

real work may begin

Real work. I say this tongue in cheek. I know that the team and I have been doing "real work" all along. Moving your life over one thousand miles and reestablishing your identity in a new and strange city is work, but a common feeling is developing among our team. Let's get to work! I sure feel that too. So, here's an update on our work:
  • There are 23 of our 32 team members now living in Tulsa. Everyone is in their home and getting settled.
  • Our office space is almost complete. It is painted, with the exception of a few touch-ups. Derek is hanging the ceiling fan and lighting today and the carpet installer is coming to take measurements today.
  • We have begun regular weekly meetings for our start up staff. (We have dropped the term "launch team". We decided that terminology is way too "churchy")
  • We begin regular finance meetings this evening.
  • Though it still needs some work, our website is up and running.
  • Fund-raising efforts are going slow. Although a good plan is in place to cover my personal salary, there is very little regular funding for our week to week expenses. I have numerous churches and individuals who have given me verbal commitments, but not much has come of that yet. I would appreciate your prayers on that front.
  • I had a very promising lunch with a professor and church planter (same guy) at ORU yesterday. It feels like God is building a church planting movement here in Tulsa!
  • Sara and I go to Atlanta on Jan 25-26 to our assessment with ARC. I'm nervous and excited about that one.
Well, I left some things out, but this is long enough. Thank you for your prayers and your encouragement. I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment here or via our website's contact form.

Jason Fitch - Lead Pastor

Friday, January 8, 2010

creating space

Our team is growing day by day. As I write, Daniel St. Armand, Derek Engle and Fred Nimmon are on their way to Tulsa. Please join me in praying for their trip to be safe.

Here in Tulsa, the order of the day is creating workspace. I've included some pictures showing the evolution of our office space and the hard-working people who are making it happen. We got the entire thing primed today. Our goal is to have it completely finished and ready to go by the end of the day next Friday.

I'm very excited about having this space where creativity and hard work can happen by the bucketfull. Hey, I think I just made up a word. My mom gave me a great idea today to use some color I had not considered until today. I'm really glad for that.

Well, my wrist and neck are sore, but we're getting closer and closer to having usable office, meeting and band rehearsal space. I'm signing off from my bedroom now . . . :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The team in Tulsa is growing!

As I write this, 20 of our 32 launch team members have arrived in Tulsa. Today, we have the pleasure of unloading two trucks; one with the Trouts' belongings and one with the Gessers'. Josh and Bekah Ploch are in town for a few days as well. I'm so glad for the time with them.

It feels like we're well into the "just get to Tulsa" season for the team. The next big thing I can feel God pressing on me is "find a location and get the word out". The Tulsa Cinemark is still a very good possibility, but I want to look at more. A few of us toured the convention center wing of the Renaissance Hotel yesterday. It's nice, but pretty expensive. It's perks are balanced by it's drawbacks and I'm not thinking its a very real possibility for us, but I'm open to God's leading. We are also working hard to convert my garage to our office space. It's coming along nicely.

Our team would really appreciate and benefit from you prayers in a few key areas:
  • safety for everyone traveling to and from Tulsa in the next couple weeks
  • direction on a meeting place
  • numerous new relationships to be built in the coming weeks
Well, I better get ready. We do have two trucks to unload today :)

Jason Fitch - Lead Pastor